Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stars Who Love 90's Fashion

Resurrection of the 1990s.
Everything is cyclical. As boy bands gain traction on the airwaves, acid wash denim and overalls are popping up on sidewalks with surprising frequency—especially among the hyper-trendy celebrity set. 
See which stars are ready to bring back fanny packs and flannel.

Almost everything Miley Cyrus wears, from the high-waisted light wash jeans to the crop top formal wear, looks like it might have been cool in the mid-'90s, when her father was best known as a mulleted country singer and not the dad from Hannah Montana. These days the singer prefers a saucy grunge: Think bustier tops and flannel.

Zoe Kravitz, daughter to Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, usually looks like she's stepped off the set of Reality Bites in her round-rimmed sunglasses and assortment of funky little hats. The actress and occasional model also gravitates towards tiny floral prints, velvet, and chunky footwear.


Take a glance at any of Charlotte Ronson's recent work and its clear from which decade she draws most of her inspiration. The British fashion designer (and sister to musicians Mark and Samantha) is often spotted in very '90s floral prints, sometimes topped with denim vests (so 1994) or chambray shirts (hello, 1993).

Vanessa Hudgens is fearless with her '90s-inspired fashion, frequently mixing and matching prints, fabrics, weights and lengths for one-of-a-kind looks. Say what you will about her high-waisted harem pants and her acid-washed overalls: Hudgens' style isn't short on personality.

Rihanna's skipped over the more accessible '90s finery in favor of truly hard-to-pull-off pieces, like leather visors and oversized fanny packs. It's impossible to be ahead of the trends if you're not willing to take risks in a pair of waist-high leather boots

When she's at work, pop star Katy Perry occasionally borrows from the acidic, borderline garish schemes of the early '90s: The Gerlan Jeans crop top and skirt she wore to the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards was 1991 in both cut and color.

When Ashlee Simpson shed her hair extensions in favor of a flirty platinum crop a few years back, she kicked off a style transformation. Simpson's look could be described as Edie Sedgwick by way of 1995.

Former Disney star Demi Lovato is not the child of '90s rock stars, but she dresses like one. The talented performer has incorporated long floral skirts, colorful clogs and chambray shirts into her repertoire, which is slightly more demure than her pal Miley's.

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