Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DBSK - Changmin's Story

Changmin was born on February 18th, 1988. Both of his parents are teacher. When he was young, his dream is to became a TV announcer.

He lived with his family in Seoul but was nearly kicked out of his house one day in second grade as he had to “relieve” himself and ended up peeing from the roof on the woman living downstairs!

He is the eldest in family, he has two sisters.

One time he followed his friend to SM contest and he won the best singer award.

The time and effort required as a trainee was taxing, because it forced him to be away from his family and miss out on student life. He was sad he never got to experience that. Even when he missed his family he started to cry.

Changmin always give the best in singing, when he sing not really good he will be crying. But he has a brave side to him too. Starting from elementary school in 6th grade, he delivered newspapers as a part-time job

He has been trained for 2 years before debuted in Dong Bang Shin Ki. He used stage name as Choikang. In English it means Max.

He joined the band under the name Choikang Changmin (
최강창민; the English counterpart to his stage name is Max). In Korea, Choikang means “the best”. That’s why his English counter part is Max, short for Maximum.

DBSK - Junsu's Story

Junsu was born to a pizza restaurant owner, and a former Miss Korea on December 15th of 1986. Younger by two seconds to his fraternal twin brother, Junho.

Since a little boy, Junsu loved to sing. Sometimes he sang in the church. As times went on, Junsu finally decided to became a singer.

His first step to reach his dream is entering SME.

He began at age 12 after auditioning in a televised talent search where the judges consisted of popular band members Moon Hee Jun and Kangta of H.O.T. However, after three years of vigorous training, a problem began to surface. Junsu's puberty began to set in, altering his voice drastically. This gave Junsu many frustrations as he was unable to sing until the unusually long cycle ended. Junsu also stated in an interview on Mnet's Starwatch that during this hardship he had a tough time, and was very angry with himself. The doctor told him not to yell or even talk, but he would only yell and talk more in the bitterness of wanting his voice back. He even went to the rooftop and screamed and cried, begging God for his voice back. Miraculously, his wish was granted, and Junsu once said he wonders if all that screaming is why his voice is so husky now.

When his voice changed ended, SM was planning to make a new group. Junsu was the first member to be chosen. His talent in singing and dance made him one of the best trainee at that time.

After 6 years joint in SME, Junsu finally debuted as a member of a group that called “Dong Bang Shin Ki”

Kim Junsu debuted as Xiah. His stage name was personally chosen by him, with a special meaning. His name is short for Asia, which is pronounced ah-shee-ah in Korean. He chose to use the short term for Asia, implicating that not only did he want to become a star of Korea, but of the entire Asian continent. 

DBSK - Yunho's Story

He was born with the name Jung Yunho on February 6th, 1986, in Gwangju. Since young
Yunho dreamed to be a singer.
He always talked to his friends about his dream to be a singer.
One day, he suddenly
announced he was going to try out singing audition to his friends. At that time, he was too nervous to go by himself, so he asked one of his friend
to go along with him. A few days later he told to his friend
that he was accepted. It was when Yunho in 9 grade winter break.
Yunho must go from Gwanju to Seoul which is take a long
drive once a week for
training. Although the training was so difficult, but Yunho
never give up.

In the middle of crowded park, 
Yunho practiced his vocal, in the middle of city bus
Yunho practiced his dance.
On time, Yunho phoned his friend and he started to cry
while telling how difficult and painful the training time.
While choosing who goes in one group, Lee Soo Man originally decided that Jung Yunho was to be in a group with some members of Super Junior and Hero Jaejoong called “Four Seasons”. It all worked out at the end when Yunho finally ended up in a group called
He picked out his own stage name, U-know Yunho. “You-Know” means he will always
know the member. Of course there has to be a leader. But someone had to rise up to take the role of being the
leader. Although not the oldest, Yunho bravely volunteered to lead DBSK.

Monday, May 24, 2010

DBSK - Yoochun's Story

Born on June 4th 1986. Park Yoochun grew up in Seoul, Korea, but moved to the United States as "Micky" with his parents when he was in the sixth grade. He related his turbulent childhood on a show and shared the many hardships he and his family faced while living there that ultimately led to the separation of his mother and father.

“At that time, during the first year there at the U.S., I was really lonely. I usually spent my days at school or at home. I had no friends at that time.”

After living in Fairfax, Virginia for roughly four years, he auditioned for Brothers Entertainment and was sent to Korea to train under SM Entertainment.

In training times Yoochun think the other members are his family because at that times no one from his family in Korea.

Yoochun joined TVXQ 
before their set debut. Upon being accepted, Micky Yoochun was set to conquer the airwaves along with the rest of the TVXQ members. From that day five years ago til now, Yoochun has proved that anyone can achieve their dreams with a lot of perseverance and sacrifice.

Yoochun choose Micky as his stage name because it’s as same as his American name. Micky in Chinese/Mandarin in written characters means "Secret Weapon"
Wants to become the secret weapon in the music industry.

DBSK - Jaejoong's Story

When he was 15, he left his hometown and went to Seoul. With a luggage, he said good bye to his parents who love him so much and to his 8 sisters. His family cried his left. He was heard the sound of cry of his family but he was afraid to look at them.

In the middle of snow, a boy went for reach his dream. He went to a big city that he never seen before. When arrived at Seoul, he lost his confidence and starting to ask can I reach my dreams in here? But the dreams that deep inside his heart stronger him.

Finally with himself, Jaejoong live alone in Seoul, called home an apartment that very small, the size a tuna can.

SME held an singing audition. Jaejoong participated in that audition. In the lobby, he take a look around him, he saw there are so many young boy as same as his age with a great style, good clothes, mp3 player, while he just using a plain grey t-shirt. At that time he felt lost before the battle.

When in audition room, Jaejoong was very nervous, the judges ask him to open his mouth and sing. Jaejoong sang well, his voice touch everyone in that room. That’s how Jaejoong entered SME.

At training times, JJ had lot of problems, especially financial problems. For survive JJ must take lot of part time job. Even he donor his blood for some money.
“it was because of the rental problems. When I finished donating, the money was also used to exchange for biscuits”
“ I walked for 3 hours just to save up on the money for the bus fare”

Finally after got through this for 2 years, Jaejoong has been chosen for be a member of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

He debuted as YoungWoong which means Hero. His manager pick up this name with hope he can become a hero in Korean music industries.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Facts About DBSK

  • Yoochun adalah member TVXQ termalas tapi punya banyak pacar.
  • Junsu bilang kencan dan menikah adalah hal yang sama. Menurut dia wanita yang diajaknya kencan adalah wanita yang akan menjadi istrinya. Dia harus sangat menyukai wanita itu dan dia baru berani mengajaknya kencan. Dia akan mengencani seorang wanita jika sudah yakin wanita itu akan menjadi calon istrinya.
  • Sebelum debut, Changmin selalu mencari alasan kenapa dia bolos sekolah. Salah satu alasan dia yang paling sering dan membuat semuanya hapal ‘menghadiri pemakaman keluarga’. Dan enggak ada yang curiga karena Changmin emang punya banyak keluarga
  • Yoochun enggak percaya kalau reinkarnasi itu ada, kalo di suruh lahir lagi keduni ini dia enggak bakalan mau.
  • Saat pertama kali Changmin dikenalkan sama member yang lain, semua member berkata kalau Changmin mirip malaikat. Lalu setelah beberapa tahun bersama ke 4 anggota sepakat bilang Changmin itu mirip iblis.
  • Yoochun pernah memotong rambut jadi pendek banget, itu karena rekomendasi dari Junsu, tapi Junsu malah bilang ”Kamu tahu, dengan gaya rambut seperti ini, dahimu yang lebar jadi kelihatan tambah lebar” dan pernyataan itu ngebuat Yoochun jadi kesel dan bersumpah gak mau potong kaya gitu lagi
  • Junsu selalu memakai CD yang elastis karena itu sangat nyaman dibandingkan ketika dia memakai boxer saat tampil di atas panggung.
  • Junsu gak pernah tahan berdiri, karena dia bilang dia selalu kebelet kencing.
  • Yunho kalo mandi paling sebentar 1 jam, soalnya dia kelamaan nyanyi dan joget2.
  • Ibunya junsu pengen punya menantu seorang yang beragama kristen, pintar bermain piano, dan mempunyai sanggar senam.
  • Junsu udah terkenal ketika dia masih sekolah, sebelum dia di DBSK, itu karena Junsu seorang murid yang pinter.
  • Yoochun akan menggunakan satu botol spray anti serangga buat ngebunuh seekor serangga. Yang paling ditakutinya adalah laba-laba -_____-
  • Ibunya Junsu sangat terkejut waktu Junsu masih kecil, ketika Junsu bilang ke ibunya “Ibu, Ibu tidak usah menghawatirkan aku lagi. Semua penderitaan Ibu sudah berakhir. saya akan membuatmu bahagia, dan rumah yang Ibu impikan yang Ibu gambar itu, tidak usah di gambar lagi, karena saya akan memberikan satu rumah kepada Ibu ketika saya sudah mendapatkan uang yang cukup banyak. Ibu harus percaya kepada anakmu ini ya. I love You Mom.” *aaaa Junsu Oppa* *mewek* *terharu*
  • Ibunya Junsu adalah seorang Putri Korea.
  • Junsu menjadi kepala keluarga sekarang sebagai pengganti ayahnya yang sudah meninggal.
  • Junsu pernah mendapatkan juara pertama dalam beauty competition. Junsu gabung bareng Eunhyuk (super junior) dan saat SMA dia sama Eunhyuk seneng pake baju perempuan.
  • Kebanyakan dari semua cewek di daerah perumahannya berharap Junsu menjadi kekasihnya, tapi Junsu menolak semuanya. Junsu pernah bertemu dengan seorang cewek dan menembaknya, tapi cewek ini menolak kegantengan junsu. Eh ngga disangka cewek itu adalah ibunya Jae Joong. *Oppa :OO masih gak percaya sm yang ini*
  • Jaejoong punya 7 saudara perempuan dan anehnya Jaejoong yang paling cantik diantara adik dan kakak ceweknya.
  • Jaejoong bilang, suatu hari nanti ada kemungkinan dia akan menikahi penggemarnya dan dia yakin seyakin-yakinnya kalau dia bakalan nikah ama fansnya.
  • Jaejoong takut banget sama kecoa.
  • Jaejoong selalu ngomel dan nyuruh member DBSK lainnya untuk naruh barang-barang mereka ditempatnya dan Jaejoong benci sama yang namanya kotor.
  • Yunho pernah tertangkap basah sedang menonton film porno dan dia bilang kepada anggota DBSk lainnya bahwa ini adalah sebuah PR. *emang ada yaaa PR gituan ? -_________-“
  • Yunho itu kalo tidur selalu dengan posisi miring-miring.
  • Changmin adalah yang paling genius di antara DBSK lainnya.
  • Karena rambutnya terlalu tebal Changmin engga perlu bantal kalo mau tidur.
  • Changmin dan Yoochun sangat suka makan di malam hari. Mereka selalu bangun di malam hari dan nyari makanan. Yoochun pernah bangun diem2 untuk makan dan enggak membangunkan Changmin. Alhasil Changmin marah paginya dan Yoochun gak berani untuk mengulangi perbuatannya itu.
  • Alasan Yunho kenapa selalu nggurus segala sesuatu mengenai semua membernya, “Karena aku leader yang akan menjaga tubuh semua anggota-anggotaku.”
  • Perut Yunho sering sakit dan Changmin akan selalu nulis catatan “Jangan lupa makan hanya karena kerja.” dan menyelipkannya ke dalam saku Yunho. JunSu juga akan selalu mengingatkan dia, “Makanlah makanan pada waktunya!”
  • Yoochun pernah dikerjaiin oleh seorang pembaca tarot yang memberinya ramalan dan mengatakan kepadanya bahwa ia akan memiliki nasib buruk . Jaejoong berkata, “Nasih kamu buruk, jadi jangan suka buat masalah” Yoochun jadi sedih ia terus berlari ke belakang panggung tapi kemudian Jaejoong juga pergi ke belakang panggung dan memeluknya.
  • 4 anggota semua ingin memelihara anjing, tetapi Yoochun takut anjing, mereka semua akhirnya gag jadi pelihara anjing.
  • Changmin yang paling tinggi di DBSK tapi dia rela nekuk lututnya biar Yunho kelihatan lebih tinggi
  • Saat Jaejoong cedera, di fanmeeting, Jaejoong berkata sama para member dan penggemar, “Saya enggak apa-apa. Tolong jangan nangis untukku! Sebenarnya, begitu aku melihat kalian, aku tidak merasa sakit lagi!”
  • Lima dari mereka paling seneng mainan lempar selimut di asrama mereka, main batu gunting kertas, dan bermain petak umpet di taman.
  • Jaejoong mengatakan bahwa, “Ketika memasak, garam dan sinar matahari sangat penting, tetapi Yunho juga sangat penting!”.
  • Yunho berkata kalau ia bukan anggota TVXQ, dia akan jadi penggemar Jaejoong.
  • Yunho akan bangun lebih awal dari anggota lain dan dengan sabar membangunkan semua member yang bangunnya susah.
  • Yunho berkata, “Kami adalah Keluarga Dong Bang. Aku adalah ayah, ibunya Jaejoong, Changmin anak bungsu, lalu JunSu dan Yoochun adalah …” pada saat itu, Junsu memotong dan bilang, “Yoochun itu istri saya!” *wahaha.. Yoochun itu suamiku opaa ;;)*
  • Sebelum perform, Jaejoong akan membantu Yunho memperbaiki dasinya.
  • Ketika mereka berada di Cina, dasi Jaejoong lepas. Yoochun membantunya menariknya kembali, sementara Changmin membantunya memegang mikrofon
  • Changmin akan kagum sama cewek yang pintar berbahasa Inggris.
  • Kedua orang tuanya Yoochun telah bercerai. Dan Yoochun hanya mau mempunyai satu orang anak kalau dia menikah. *padahal aku pengen punya 6 oppa TT 6 aja yaa oppa, biar rame ;D* *halah*
  • Suatu hari di apartemen Jaejoong punya ide dan nyuruh Changmin dan Junsu pura-pura untuk pergi keluar dan ngunciin Yoochun dari dalam Apartemen, saat Yoochun pulang dia ngetuk sampai ratusan kali, tapi, mereka ber3 Cuma ketawa dari dalem apartemen.Akhirnya sang Leader Yunho pulang, dan hanya dalam 1 ketukan dan mendengar suara Yunho, mereka bertiga ngebukain pintu dengan muka bersalah.
  • Jaejoong dan Yunho pernah bertengkar. Changmin engga berani untuk melerai mereka. Dan kebetulan Yoochun lagi gak ada, akhirnya Junsu berusaha untuk melerainya tapi keduanya tetep berantem. Akhirnya Junsu memeluk Yunho dan membawanya jauh dari Jaejoong. Yunho yang keras kepala tetap gak terima. Akhirnya Junsu menangis. Setelah lihat Junsu nangis Yunho dan Jaejoong berhenti berantem.
  • Jaejoong selalu ganggu Changmin sampai nangis. ketika seseorang bertanya kepada Jaejoong kenapa si Changmin nangis, dia pasti akan bilang Changmin nangis karena berantem sm Junsu. *dasaaar -,- paling tua paling jail*
  • Jaejoong dan Junsu punyai warna sikat gigi yang sama, dan karena itu sering ketuker
  • Ketika masih kecil Junsu pernah tersiram sup panas di leher gara2 ibunya, tapi herannya hal itu gak ninggalin bekas luka pada leher Junsu.
  • Nama Junsu dan Junho adalah pemberian ayahnya, nama Junho diberikan karena Junho terlihat lebih maskulin dan nama Junsu diberikan kepada Junsu terlihat lebih cantik. *wkwk*

Thursday, May 6, 2010

About DBSK - The Member

Stage Name: Hero
Birth Name: Kim Jae Joong
Birthday: January 26, 1986
Birthplace: Chungnam
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Playing computer games, Listening to music, Playing the piano, Composing, Cooking
Specialty: Singing
Position: Main Vocalist, Face of The Group

Stage Name: U-Know
Birth Name: Jung Yun Ho
Birthday: February 6, 1986
Birthplace: Gwangju
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Music, Reading, Playing sports, Composing music
Specialty: Dancing
Position: Bass Vocals, Leader, Lead Dancer

Stage Name: Micky
Birth Name: Park Yoo Chun
Birthday: June 4, 1986
Birthplace: Seoul
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Composing music/Lyrics/Rap, Piano, RC Car Driving
Specialty: Singing, Composing
Position: Middle Low Vocal

Stage Name: Xiah
Birth Name: Kim Jun Su
Birthday: December 15, 1986, though his parents registered him on January 1, 1987
Birthplace: Gyeonggi
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Piano, Soccer
Specialty: Singing, Dancing
Position: Middle High Vocal

Stage Name: Max
Birth Name: Shim Chang Min
Birthday: February 18, 1988
Birthplace: Seoul
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Music, Singing, Eating
Specialty: Singing, Dancing
Position: High Note Vocals, Maknae

Saturday, May 1, 2010

About DBSK

Name: 동방신기 [DBSK/G - Dong Bang Shin Ki/Gi] (Korea)
Other Forms of Name: 東方神起 [THSK – Tohoshinki] (Japan) | [TVXQ/TVfXQ – Tong Vang Xien Qi] (China and Internationally)
Debut Date: December 26th, 2003
Members: Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Hero/Youngwoong Jaejoong, Max/Choikang Changmin, U-know Yunho
Korean Entertainment Company: SM Entertainment
Korean Official Website: DBSK Official Website
Japanese Entertainment Company: Avex Entertainment
Japanese Official Website: THSK Official Website
Official Korean Fanclub: Cassiopeia
Official Japanese Fanclub: Bigeast
Official Fanclub Colour: Pearl Red
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