Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DBSK - Junsu's Story

Junsu was born to a pizza restaurant owner, and a former Miss Korea on December 15th of 1986. Younger by two seconds to his fraternal twin brother, Junho.

Since a little boy, Junsu loved to sing. Sometimes he sang in the church. As times went on, Junsu finally decided to became a singer.

His first step to reach his dream is entering SME.

He began at age 12 after auditioning in a televised talent search where the judges consisted of popular band members Moon Hee Jun and Kangta of H.O.T. However, after three years of vigorous training, a problem began to surface. Junsu's puberty began to set in, altering his voice drastically. This gave Junsu many frustrations as he was unable to sing until the unusually long cycle ended. Junsu also stated in an interview on Mnet's Starwatch that during this hardship he had a tough time, and was very angry with himself. The doctor told him not to yell or even talk, but he would only yell and talk more in the bitterness of wanting his voice back. He even went to the rooftop and screamed and cried, begging God for his voice back. Miraculously, his wish was granted, and Junsu once said he wonders if all that screaming is why his voice is so husky now.

When his voice changed ended, SM was planning to make a new group. Junsu was the first member to be chosen. His talent in singing and dance made him one of the best trainee at that time.

After 6 years joint in SME, Junsu finally debuted as a member of a group that called “Dong Bang Shin Ki”

Kim Junsu debuted as Xiah. His stage name was personally chosen by him, with a special meaning. His name is short for Asia, which is pronounced ah-shee-ah in Korean. He chose to use the short term for Asia, implicating that not only did he want to become a star of Korea, but of the entire Asian continent. 

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