Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DBSK - Yunho's Story

He was born with the name Jung Yunho on February 6th, 1986, in Gwangju. Since young
Yunho dreamed to be a singer.
He always talked to his friends about his dream to be a singer.
One day, he suddenly
announced he was going to try out singing audition to his friends. At that time, he was too nervous to go by himself, so he asked one of his friend
to go along with him. A few days later he told to his friend
that he was accepted. It was when Yunho in 9 grade winter break.
Yunho must go from Gwanju to Seoul which is take a long
drive once a week for
training. Although the training was so difficult, but Yunho
never give up.

In the middle of crowded park, 
Yunho practiced his vocal, in the middle of city bus
Yunho practiced his dance.
On time, Yunho phoned his friend and he started to cry
while telling how difficult and painful the training time.
While choosing who goes in one group, Lee Soo Man originally decided that Jung Yunho was to be in a group with some members of Super Junior and Hero Jaejoong called “Four Seasons”. It all worked out at the end when Yunho finally ended up in a group called
He picked out his own stage name, U-know Yunho. “You-Know” means he will always
know the member. Of course there has to be a leader. But someone had to rise up to take the role of being the
leader. Although not the oldest, Yunho bravely volunteered to lead DBSK.

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