Monday, May 24, 2010

DBSK - Yoochun's Story

Born on June 4th 1986. Park Yoochun grew up in Seoul, Korea, but moved to the United States as "Micky" with his parents when he was in the sixth grade. He related his turbulent childhood on a show and shared the many hardships he and his family faced while living there that ultimately led to the separation of his mother and father.

“At that time, during the first year there at the U.S., I was really lonely. I usually spent my days at school or at home. I had no friends at that time.”

After living in Fairfax, Virginia for roughly four years, he auditioned for Brothers Entertainment and was sent to Korea to train under SM Entertainment.

In training times Yoochun think the other members are his family because at that times no one from his family in Korea.

Yoochun joined TVXQ 
before their set debut. Upon being accepted, Micky Yoochun was set to conquer the airwaves along with the rest of the TVXQ members. From that day five years ago til now, Yoochun has proved that anyone can achieve their dreams with a lot of perseverance and sacrifice.

Yoochun choose Micky as his stage name because it’s as same as his American name. Micky in Chinese/Mandarin in written characters means "Secret Weapon"
Wants to become the secret weapon in the music industry.

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