Monday, May 24, 2010

DBSK - Jaejoong's Story

When he was 15, he left his hometown and went to Seoul. With a luggage, he said good bye to his parents who love him so much and to his 8 sisters. His family cried his left. He was heard the sound of cry of his family but he was afraid to look at them.

In the middle of snow, a boy went for reach his dream. He went to a big city that he never seen before. When arrived at Seoul, he lost his confidence and starting to ask can I reach my dreams in here? But the dreams that deep inside his heart stronger him.

Finally with himself, Jaejoong live alone in Seoul, called home an apartment that very small, the size a tuna can.

SME held an singing audition. Jaejoong participated in that audition. In the lobby, he take a look around him, he saw there are so many young boy as same as his age with a great style, good clothes, mp3 player, while he just using a plain grey t-shirt. At that time he felt lost before the battle.

When in audition room, Jaejoong was very nervous, the judges ask him to open his mouth and sing. Jaejoong sang well, his voice touch everyone in that room. That’s how Jaejoong entered SME.

At training times, JJ had lot of problems, especially financial problems. For survive JJ must take lot of part time job. Even he donor his blood for some money.
“it was because of the rental problems. When I finished donating, the money was also used to exchange for biscuits”
“ I walked for 3 hours just to save up on the money for the bus fare”

Finally after got through this for 2 years, Jaejoong has been chosen for be a member of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

He debuted as YoungWoong which means Hero. His manager pick up this name with hope he can become a hero in Korean music industries.

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