Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Direction Infection

Wait what? I got infected?! Apparently yes. And why the hell I’m smiling like an idiot when it’s clearly something bad? The good news is that this kind of infection is not harmful. Ok I’ll stop with this rubbish here. 
I’m sure many of you know who One Direction is. But just in case you don’t, they’re a British-Irish boy band who came up third on The X Factor UK Series 7 (2010). They are really popular nowadays, the kind of popular that every time you log onto twitter there will be at least 1 world wide trending topic related to these boys.
What makes them different is the fact that I was interested in their songs instead of their look first. Unusual indeed. I’ve been liking many male groups but this is the first time ever that I got caught with the songs first. Because when I saw their “What Makes You Beautiful” video I thought they were average (first impression is not always true, right?).
The song is really nice, it’s catchy and upbeat. I especially love the drum sound. The lyrics are great as well. Simple but meaningful. A great song for boyfriends out there who want to sing a song to their girlfriends. A great song will always last for quite a long time in my head, no matter who the singer is.
So when WMYB is on replay mode in my head, they came up with another single “One Thing” which is their 3rd single. I didn’t really know about their 2nd single “Gotta Be You” since it wasn’t played as often as WMYB on MTV. Again, it’s stuck in my head! “Get out, get out, get out of my head and fall into my arms instead..” and I love the music video as well. Suddenly I found myself searching for them on YouTube and Google. 
One Direction is fresh and new for me. My first impression was wrong, I found them really charming and talented. Their accents are a big plus for me, gotta love that british-irish accent 
But I don’t think I can call myself a ‘directioner’ just like I don’t want to call myself an ELF or Shawol anymore. I’ve arrived at a point in my life where I understand things like that are not (quite) necessary. What necessary is, as long as I love their music (and their personality perhaps) I will support them no matter what.

“Baby you light up my world like nobody else..” ~ ♫


  1. It just happenned to me too! At the same way! But the difference is that I just felt in love with their song "One Thing" :'] It's soooo catchy♥

  2. I also liked that song.
    I think they are "the new" Westlife. haha ^^


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