Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy 67 Indonesia

I would like to have a moment to write about my country.
Fifteen years spent living in Indonesia, not a single second regretted. I have met amazing people, eaten amazing food, gone to amazing places Indonesia offers. I was born, I was raised, and I was built there - there’s no single reason not to love Indonesia. I was fed the food that grows on its land, I was taught the culture that makes Indonesia ‘Indonesia’. 
There are moments Indonesia breaks down, but there are even more moments it gets up - and that is just one of many reasons I am proud of being an Indonesian. 
Indonesia may not be the best country in the whole world, but it always tries its best to provide its citizens and nonnatives the best things it could ever give. 
Happy 67 Indonesia; 67 years you have been standing still and surviving, more years to come by and make proud of your people!

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